In Conversation With Photographer & Muse Ashley Klassh ft. Bravado Designs

How are you feeling?

I’m right in the middle of my second trimester, and I feel the best I have yet: Emotional (in a good way), positive, excited, and comfortable in this new body.

What has surprised you most about being pregnant?

A lot about what I thought it would feel like … I definitely underrated the experience. My mother never complained about pregnancy; I’m one of the first of my friends to experience it, so I’m a bit aloof, but a lot is going on physically and mentally. I anticipated I would experience it as something familiar, but nope! It’s different from anything I’ve ever felt so far: the fatigue, the weird strong gut feelings, the aversions, the tenderness. Only a mother knows!

In your opinion, does pregnancy and sexy still exist?

Absolutely! I think truly feeling sexy comes from an inward place, and I feel very magical—like I have superpowers! And that new feeling gives me a new edge and confidence about myself. Physically, I’m also really loving my new curves; they feel powerful and beautiful to me.

Our Muse Ashley wearing the Plunge Nursing Bra from Bravado Designs available here

Did you struggle with accepting the body changes that came with pregnancy?

Not yet. And I say not yet because do I have a little fear of how I will feel and look postpartum? Yes. Part of me knows I’ll miss the old me, the pre-battlefield body of myself. I’ve always been one shape/size for most of my life, so familiarity is comfortable. But another part of me (the more mature and loving part) whispers: you are the divine feminine, your body is your creative tool for greatness, and trust its evolving beauty as you embark on this new journey.

Keeping that in mind, how do Bravado Designs‘ bras make you feel?

Proud, beautiful, thoughtful, and loved.

How would you describe the bras; feminine, comfortable, or both?

The impact of choosing to wear something that makes me feel empowered, feminine, and beautiful is just as important as it being comfortable to me. It’s a small but essential quality that adds beauty and joy to my day-to-day life. It takes artistry and care to combine beauty and comfort, and that’s what I love about Bravado Designs.

You feel most beautiful when?

It’s when I’m nude in bed, around the house, or in nature. There’s something about skin contact to air/nature/fabric/skin that frees me and makes me feel most like me.

Your photography evokes femininity and movement.

Women have always been my muse. My love of female form, spirit, authenticity, vulnerability, emotion, and effortlessness is my motive behind capturing the way I do. I look to feel a certain way from a photo, and that emotion is often expressed through my approach of movement, a sense of play, and a certain aesthetic when designing a set and wardrobe.

As a freelancer, do you see yourself taking maternity leave?

Absolutely. I already like to take things kind of slow-paced in scheduling myself with work, but I plan to take a solid 4-5 months off pre/post birth and slowly introduce photography again as my body and baby dictate when I’m ready.

Our Muse Ashley wearing the Plunge Nursing Bra from Bravado Designs available here

Do you have a birth plan?

I plan to have a hospitalized birth and go with the flow. If medical intervention is necessary past the “natural” birth approach, my husband knows that I prefer what’s best for the baby and me, and I trust him strongly to be my voice and advocate.

Lastly, who is your Mother Muse?

All mamas! I already see mothers in a new light, and it amazes me how courageous and powerful they are. I’m grateful for strong, female-led communities and sisterhood—they are my muses. I’m grateful to my mother for all she’s done and how she raised me; she is my muse. And I’m grateful to our Mother Earth for teaching me so much and providing all we need on this planet. She is the biggest mother muse to us all!

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