Postpartum & Maternity Cottagecore Dresses Handcrafted by Tayma Martins

The cottagecore aesthetic implies notions of nature, rusticity, and romanticism. You love to pick flowers and stroll through quiet meadows, bake treats and wear blousy dresses and shirts, and you’re very kind-hearted and super sweet.

Cottagecore has invaded social media with billions of hashtags shared worldwide by many women. The trend has now spread to maternity clothing, and I am not mad about it. But what exactly is cottagecore when it comes to clothing?

If you have not had the time yet to immerse yourself in this beautiful aesthetic, it embraces a return-to-roots characterized by floral dresses, lace, transparent fabrics, and heavier materials with a handcrafted look.

An increasing number of fashion houses are offering wide ranges of contemporary and stylish maternity garments for every style. And a major trend this season for moms-to-be is cottagecore, especially since stay-at-home measures have become the norm amidst the global health crisis. Since we are all slowly mapping out our futures to live on a farm and frolic in quiet meadows with our babies, I think this aesthetic is here to stay.

When thinking longer-term about positive economic change in the fashion industry, I wanted to take the initiative to support women-founded small businesses, particularly those by women of colour. It’s crucial to support their businesses, so we don’t lose them due to financial hardships associated with the pandemic.

While browsing Instagram for my dream cottagecore dress, I came across Tayma Martins.
Tayma Martins is an aspiring ballerina, published author, and pianist from California. In 2018 she began developing her brand while in college, majoring in English. She spent the earliest years of her life living in the countryside, which inspires her design aesthetic (cue in cottagecore). Her love for flowers and pastels is apparent in every aspect of her life. She designs clothes to feel like flowers: lightweight and fluttery with clean, simplistic beauty.

Tayma Martins is the definition of this beautiful aesthetic.

Mother Muse Koreena wears the Abigail dress Pink Rosebuds available here

All dresses are made-to-order for sustainability, and Tayma will personally send updates as your dress is being made and shipped. The 1970s’ “prairie era” inspires her pieces. The dresses are the ultimate staple for any countryside princess. Adorned with French cotton lace and 100% silk ribbons, Tayma designs her dresses to be just as comfortable as they are dreamy and perfect for pregnancy, the fourth trimester, and beyond. The dresses have a side zipper along the wearer’s left side and an elasticized back waistband for a comfortable fit. There are pockets on both sides, and it’s fully lined.

The care that goes into the dresses and the packaging made this entire shopping experience even more special. When my dresses arrived, they came in a pretty pink box wrapped with a pink lace ribbon with a dried rose and a thank-you note with a little gem and butterflies on it. I felt special. This packaging made me feel young again as if my mom had personally wrapped up a special present on my birthday that included aspects of my personality in every little detail. I was completely giddy! I saved the entire packaging to show my daughter, and we later re-used everything for an art project.

Mother Muse Shereen wears the Abigail dress in Forget Me Not Blue available here

You’ll fall in love with Tayma’s dresses, but you’ll also fall in love with her. She goes above and beyond for her customers, and I will cherish these dresses forever! And a quick note of caution: these dresses will make you want to pick wildflowers, feel extremely calm, and crave lavender tea. You’ll want to read poetry outside and let the sun kiss your skin.

Explore Tayma Martins Here

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