Made With Coffee & Comfort LEZÉ is a Match Made in Heaven for Motherhood

Wardrobe essentials for pregnancy and breastfeeding are all over the place, which is such great news. It took a long time to see designers focusing on stylish pieces for those chapters of our lives. But now comes the question, what about the chapter after the pregnancy and breastfeeding journey ends?

I am a mother of two who works full-time from home but, trust me, I still can’t relate to my pre-motherhood wardrobe. Although I love dressing up, 95% of the time I am throwing on the same leggings and top to grab my kids from pre-school. Mothers need that 5-second type of wardrobe to get ready quickly. The one that allows you to open your closet and know you can reach for one or two things and immediately feel confident, stylish, and comfortable.

I was recently browsing Instagram when I came across LEZÉ, a Canadian brand that describes their pieces as workwear as comfortable as pyjamas.

So obviously I was intrigued.

When investigating further, I discovered their smart-casual pieces are made with recycled polyester, eco-friendly materials, and reused coffee grinds. Once I read that these pieces weren’t only just comfortable, sustainable, and women-owned, but made with the holy beverage I drink every day(!), I knew it was a match made in heaven.

Karen Lee and Tanya Lee are the founders of this incredibly cool brand. Their inspiration comes from years of purchasing uncomfortable and expensive workwear. The duo has introduced garments that combine a new day with a sweatpant feel made with sustainable materials at an attractive price point.

LEZÉ is about being transparent with all processes and advocating for causes that reflect their values.

Explore LEZÉ Here

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