In Conversation With Photographer & Muse Liz Rosa Featuring Bravado Designs

In your opinion, do motherhood and sexy still exist?

After giving birth, my whole perspective shifted. I have never felt so womanly in my life. I’m softer—yes, rounder—yes, and I hold so much reverence for what my body is capable of. So yes, sexiness lives before, during, and after motherhood.

In times when you aren’t feeling your most confident, what is the conversation with yourself like?

I, like many women, I’m sure, have gone through this negative, self-shaming narrative time and time again. It is so important to be kind to yourself. Speak to yourself like you’re speaking to someone you love dearly! You are YOU; you are love; you are enough; you are on your own path; you are magic!

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Keeping that in mind, how do Bravado Designs bras make you feel?

Mmm, Bravado bras are the loveliest, and they completely saved me after giving birth. They are so soft and comfortable while still making me feel cute because, lord knows, breastfeeding can have its cuteness challenges!

How would you describe the bras; feminine, comfortable, or both?

They are definitely both! That is my favourite thing about them!

You’ve been introduced to Bravado Designs bras from day one (nursing to non-nursing), which style has been your favourite?

My favourite, by far, is their newest collection of Everyday Bra’s they are so soft but I also loved their classic Ballet nursing bra which had such a beautiful, lacy detail. I lived in it while I was nursing and I still do!

Women, now more than ever, are lifting each other up, but there’s still a female-versus-female mentality out there. What is one thing you think women should, or can, do to support one another?

Everyone has room to bloom! I love that this movement is picking up pace in the world, especially since there are so many female entrepreneurs emerging. The more you uplift those around you, the more you uplift yourself. You get what you give; that’s the beauty of energetic exchanges!

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What’s the biggest struggle you’ve had to go through in your career as a new mother?

Finding balance! I’ve always been so career-driven, especially as a freelance artist. I certainly felt that it defined who I was at one point, because that’s what every ounce of my energy was going into. It was such a scary thought that I was going to have to slow down and take some time off. Becoming irrelevant is a scary thing in my industry! But after having my child, going slow felt so natural. I got back to work after a few beautiful months, and now I feel like I get to pick and choose my jobs with more care because my time feels so much more precious now! It’s still a constant battle, and we’re always learning, but it has been such a magical journey so far.

Your photography evokes femininity and feminism.

I have always been so inspired by women, in all forms. I feel such a strong connection to all things feminine: bodies, flowers, the moon, the ocean, Paris. I feel like I am vibrating at my absolute highest when I am capturing these things in life. I’ve always felt a responsibility to showcase their magic. Women have such a huge history of repression, considering the power they hold. They are the gatekeepers to the earthly world!

Lastly, 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, especially a new mother like yourself. What has been your biggest takeaway from this year?

This year has taught us many things, there’s no doubt. I feel like we all needed to slow down and take a step back, to re-evaluate what we were maybe taking advantage of, and what truly makes us happy. I can only speak for myself beyond this point, but having my child just before we all went into lockdown gave us the opportunity to really sink into our new roles at home…to take care of our health and each other, and to be careful about what information we subject ourselves to!

OK, I lied, one more question. If you could travel anywhere again (pre-pandemic) where would you go and why?

Travel is one of the things I think we all took for granted before COVID hit. It is one of my greatest joys, and I am counting the days until we get to explore again! This is a tough question because I want to go to so many places! But when things calm down, we’re planning a summer trip to Puglia and the south coast of Italy to revel in the heat, the food, the wine, the love, and the slowness.

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