In Conversation With Candice Rose O’Rourke & Karla Rose, Founders of Zulu & Zephyr, millk, and Sunday Supply Co.

Candice Rose-O’Rourke and Karla Rose are sisters and business partners of the modern-bohemian brands we religiously follow and muse over on social media: Zulu & Zephyr, millk, and Sunday Supply Co.

They are the epitome of sister goals.

Between the both of them they have four kids and are currently building their dream homes next door to one another. From starting out with nothing but each other they’ve grown their businesses and family together!


Do you recall a moment or a time where sustainability began to weigh on your conscience?

Karla Rose: I began to feel heavy in my everyday. There were too many ’things’ in my home, in my wardrobe, and in my kids’ lives. So I began the process of peeling back all the things that no longer serve me or the world for the greater good. I understand this is a process, but it’s one that I am continuously committed to.

Candice Rose O’Rourke: When our brands (millk and Zulu & Zephyr) began taking off – I really wondered how we were going to give back to the community and the planet, and what lessons we would teach our staff, customers, and children. The responsibility of being a market leader really weighed on our decisions–how would we commit to breaking the cycle?

How did you introduce the concept to your business?

We began to look at all the ways that we could do better. Beginning with packaging, we switched to making everything biodegradable. We are now using natural fabrics like hemp and organic cotton for the majority of our product offerings, and have perfected our garment quality and fits to last the test of childhood: being passed onto siblings.


How do you ensure your household and office are caring about the planet?

We are a small team of conscious beings. We use less and waste less.

What lessons do you hope your children will learn from your approach to sustainability?

All we can hope is that our kids are conscious about their place on this planet. To know that they are borrowing from the Earth and strive to give back what they’ve borrowed.

What are your top three planet saving tips?

First, remove single use plastics from your everyday. Invest in a non-plastic lunchbox, cutlery, straw and keep-cup. Then switch all household products to natural, sustainable options like water and essential oils, vinegar, and bicarb. It’s amazing what the Earth already offers us without the added use of toxins for our bodies and the planet. Lastly, put a bucket in the shower and water the garden when it is full. You’ll be amazed how much water is wasted from the average shower!

What kind of world do you hope your children will be living in?

A world where freedom is still an option.


Explore Zulu & Zephyr, millk, and Sunday Supply Co.

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