Kegel Exercises Equal Self-Care With Perifit

Kegels are exercises that doctors recommend to help women strengthen the muscles at the base of the abdomen that support the uterus, bladder, and small intestine. With childbirth, pregnancy, and age, these muscles become looser. I have naturally given birth twice and never considered the strength of my pelvic floor. When my Perifit order came in I realized how ridiculously curious I was to learn how strong my vagina muscles were,  haha.

The Perifit has the sophistication of an Apple product.

Kegels are exercises you can do for free by simply clenching and contracting your pelvic floor muscles but unfortunately, it’s difficult to work out the muscles you can’t see. Perifit cuts out all of the guesswork. Perifit is a device that makes it easy and fun at a price point that is more than fair to help avoid symptoms that might emerge down the road.


Setting up my Perifit was easy peasy and actually pretty entertaining. Perifit is a Kegel exerciser that lets you control videos games with your pelvic floor. You can choose amongst 6 programs (incl. postpartum, stress incontinence, intimate wellbeing…) after you’ve taken a quiz to identify your needs and pelvic profile.

When you contract your pelvic floor, the bird goes up. When you relax it, the bird goes down.



These games were designed by doctors to help properly strengthen the pelvic floor. It works so well that more than 1000 doctors already recommend Perifit to combat incontinence and prolapse and other pelvic floor disorders. Not only is strengthening  important for a healthy pelvic floor, but Perifit also measures your ability to relax your muscles for accuracy and endurance.

I ended my first session wanting to improve on my performance for the next time. The app allows you to track if you’re doing the exercises correctly, then challenge yourself so that you keep strengthening your muscles.


The beauty in a product like the Perifit is how it’s changing the stigma against discussing our pelvic floor health. More and more women are experiencing things such as urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapses postpartum that do not have to be permanent. It’s part of a much bigger movement of women feeling confident about their bodies and being able to talk about it.

Enjoy 20% off your first Perifit with code MOTHERMUSE-2020

available until April 21st 2020

Explore Perifit Here

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