Lover’s Tempo and Skype: Mother’s Day in the Time of Covid-19

Mother’s Day is approaching, in the time of a pandemic with the uncertainty of how long this will last what does the celebration of love look like for our mother’s?

Here is my opinion.

We can manage to make the best of a terrible situation and still celebrate our mother’s in ways that we can. And while mother daughter dates are out of the question we can think of lasting alternatives and still support small businesses. I am all for delicate pieces of jewelry that can be cherished through years to come. Lover’s Tempo design collections for every part of your life. Their jewelry is eye-catching and will stand the test of time—and won’t break the bank. Lover’s Tempo is also female run.


“Independent hustle led us to set up the Lover’s Tempo Grant program -helping to support other female business owners to feel their finest while they reach for the stars.”

Especially if your mother is elderly or vulnerable finding a creative solution to stay in touch is important. Lover’s Tempo is a small business, we know first hand just how difficult the current situation is for businesses. Supporting eachother and shopping local has never been more important. Lover’s Tempo is taking actions to support their local community businesses and still offering shipping under safe and healthy conditions. Starting immediately, when you shop on their website, it will be like you’re purchasing directly from their local Lover’s Tempo retailer, even while their doors are closed.

“As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, we find ourselves having to make decisions about business as usual. As a company who cares above all else about their staff and customers, we are doing what we can to do what we can to slow the spread of this virus and minimize the impact on our healthcare system and the amazing people who work among it. As of March 16th, Lover’s Tempo staff will be working remotely for the next 2 weeks to ensure we are doing our part in minimizing the risk to our staff and others in the community. Our website will be open for online orders although we will be fully transparent in saying that your orders, which we pride ourselves on getting to you as fast as possible, will be impacted by this temporary change. We ask that you be patient with us, but understand that we will be slower than usual with the turnaround of orders.”


Mother’s Day bouquets can be dropped off on doorsteps. You can creatively plan to sit down for a meal at the same time but in different homes, linked by FaceTime or Skype. You can still purchase and support your local small businesses and buy that cherished gift at a reasonable price point and have it mailed.

No matter what your mother’s style is, Lover’s Tempo has an option that will strike her fancy—all of which are priced under $100. They personally work with their manufacturers and pride themselves in ethical working standards.

As the virus upends daily life around the world, we are working at supporting as many small businesses with our platform. These are businesses we believe in and have experienced first hand.


Explore Lover’s Tempo Here

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