How a Single Mother Followed her Passion and Founded a Swimwear Line With Coordinating Pieces for Boys and Girls

Dulce Swimwear is a modern children’s label founded and designed by Natalie Stowell in Los Angeles. Inspired by love, water, and travel, this collection incorporates chic yet playful designs for the modern child.


As a single mother, Natalie envisioned creating a swimwear label that had bold patterns, made with the highest quality fabrics, and the ability to have coordinating pieces for boys and girls. She began her design journey in 2017 and decided not only was she going to design in Los Angeles, but she wanted the swimwear to be produced there as well.

Buttery fabrics, bold prints, and clean details, she knew this label was taking modern kids swimwear to new heights. In 2018 Dulce Swimwear was launched to the world. In a short amount of time, Dulce Swimwear was being featured in articles, and worn by kids of some of the biggest bloggers with more than a million followers. Worn in Lake Como, Italy, Hawaii, Miami, Canada to Sunny California and more, this small label continues to grow.


With an elevated approach on the modern child, Dulce Swimwear is excited to keep expanding their love for swimwear all around the world.

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