When Your Baby Rests, You can do the Rest

The early days of parenthood can be exhausting. The last thing we need, between sleepless nights and trying to take care of ourselves, is a baby that can be inconsolable during nap and bedtime.

Between the immense amount of responsibility that gets quite literally thrown into our laps, and the attempt to manage the newborn’s new schedule, one of the most frustrating and at times isolating part of the newborn stage comes from a baby that will not calm.

This is where Tranquilo comes in.


All Tranquilo products help naturally calm and soothe your baby and aide sleep through sounds, motions and massage: it’s quite genius. And truly, truly helpful!

We know this first hand.

We have tested their Soothing Mat and Baby Soothe Massager and though it seems ‘too good to be true’, Tranquilo absolutely lives up to their simple promise: to soothe your fussy baby.


Soothing Mat

The Tranquilo Soothing Mat was invented by a seasoned maternity nurse, Melissa Gersin, who identified the need for a reliable product that would truly help newborns and babies settle when the parent feels hopeless. It is a revolutionary mat that naturally soothes your baby to sleep better by mimicking the sounds and motions of the womb. It features 6 levels of vibration and heartbeat sounds to mimic the womb where baby was calmed throughout pregnancy.

These vibrating mats are incredible. Not only are they portable, but they are the perfect size for cribs, bassinets and play pens. You can bring them anywhere that your baby goes.

The Tranquilo Mats have 4 levels of vibration and 2 heartbeat modes.

As we all know, every baby is different. Tranquilo knows this and allows each parent to personalize the mat’s setting to his or her baby’s preferred vibration.

Tranquilo has thought of it all. The interior material is water resistant and has a removable 100% cotton washable cover. This means that when your baby wakes with those mid-night accidents, the last thing you need to stress over is whether that ‘blowout’ had compromised your Tranquilo.

The Tranquilo Mats are easy to fold and transfer; convenient for traveling families or for those middle-of-the-night co-sleeping transfers into your bed. But let’s be honest, with Tranquilo you’ll rarely have to settle your baby since their products do it for you!


Baby Soothe Massager

The revolutionary Baby Soothe Massager is a simple concept: three massagers that mimic the parents’ finger tips in order to relieve infant gas and to promote comfort through touch.

This incredibly light-weight massager is so easy to use and safe to wear with or without the given belly band. It also has an automatic shut-off setting which allows the massager to gently rotate for up to 10 minutes.

baby-soothe-top and bottom with arrows

The Tranquilo Baby Soothe Massager was invented by a mom. So we knew it would be good. Pediatrician-Recommended, The Baby Soothe Massager naturally calms the baby, relieving their fussiness.

Tranquilo is a brand that we can stand by.

Developed by experienced professionals and mothers, Tranquilo is based off mimicking the parents’ natural motions. It’s a brand that we silently murmur to ourselves, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Explore Tranquilo

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