Give Back With All The Babies

Founded by a mother and daughter duo All The Babies has a very important mission. To give back to babies in need.


How? It’s simple.

Wear: enjoy all the memories you will create in this cozy, 100% organic garment

Grow: once your lil’ babe outgrows this piece of clothing, it’s time for something new that fits.

Give: send it back to us (free of charge) and we’ll hand deliver it to a baby in need.

A note from their co-founder + ceo

“All The Babies grew out of my own childhood. It was a time when the community I was raised around came together in such a beautiful way. We were different ages and races. Some moms were single working mothers, others were married. Some broke, others rich. There was this simplicity when we grew up together…everything else sort of disappeared. We were united, no matter our differences. It was inclusive and cozy, and we still feel that love to this day because it created such a strong tribe.

It challenged this idea of single vs. dual parenting. This idea that it wasn’t just “my parents” raising me, but a strong community – all of who shaped me in different ways. Now it’s the motto behind why we exist, because it was always All The Babies, all the love, all the time. We hope to bring that same love as we come together to create impactful change for all the lives these clothes touch.” — Jenny Drew Garabedian


“As a company, we seek to meet the holistic needs of the millennial mom. High quality fabrics that don’t break the bank, a focus on sustainability, and charitable support is at the top of our list.”

Because babies grow out of their clothes so quickly in the first 2 years of life, All The Babies wanted to introduce a model that makes it easy for parents to get great quality clothes that can be sent back – free of charge – once your lil’ babe outgrows the items. The founders were inspired by the One for One model, but wanted to create a new movement, the Mom to Mom movement.

“Instead of creating a new piece of clothing, we want to reuse it and let it live on from one mom to the next, one baby to the next.

Wear. Grow. Give.”

They are starting small with their European inspired COZY COLLECTION of gender-neutral 100% organic cotton baby basics. As All The Babies grow, they have big plans to innovate and expand their product line while staying true to their core values — be inclusive, simple, activate empathy, cultivate community, stay inspired.


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