I Make Milk

The Ready-to-wear for breastfeeding mama’s

A lot of new mothers worry about how their personal style will translate into maternity clothing. Naively a lot of us didn’t take into account, the most restricting phase: nursing. I am here to help. I have found a revolution for you.


Meet: I Make Milk. The Ready-to-wear for breastfeeding mama’s. 

I Make Milk is a newer, nursing-specific brand, that has risen in the social media age. The  designer and mother wanted to create pieces that make women feel confident and beautiful.

I Make Milk was born out of a woman who, as a new mom, gave birth to creativity. My motherhood boosts and promotes this project which I carry out with great effort, dedication and love and holding a baby daughter in my arms.


I Make Milk also uses sustainable fabrics (which I appreciate), the quality comes through in more than just its design but material and packaging.

The zippers on the tops make getting your breasts out as easy and efficient as possible. I Make Milk is definitely a brand that focuses on simplicity. Currently the styles offered are staples. Both tops and dresses have a signature design and as mentioned the zipper is worked into each design and print to be discreet and not take away from the design.

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