When it comes to managing and embracing our newfound multi-tasking skills as mothers, we’re always on the lookout for progressive and comfortable brands that assist in our everyday lives. Between the comfort and convenience that baby wearing can bring, WildBird is a brand that we’re absolutely in-awe over. Their mission is simple: Bring parents the easiness that baby wearing can offer along with incredible, beautiful colors and fabrics that will compliment your style no-doubt.

We love wearing our babies close. It provides a bond from infancy to toddler-hood that is undoubtedly important and frankly… priceless. These are moments that we, as mothers and parents alike, will cherish forever. WildBird provides us these moments with their ring slings.


Constructed from Linen and Bamboo, WildBird can be worn during any season due to their breathable and natural fabrics. These slings also allow you to comfortably place your child in them within seconds. Without any extra fabric flowing behind you as you carry your child, you’re sure to avoid any mishaps along your journey. These slings are also tested with The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and American Society for Testing and Materials, which provide security in knowing they’re not just comfortable; they’re safe.

These beautiful slings provide the versatility that every parent desires. They’re able to hold your children up until they reach 35lbs. This means no additional padding or head rests to add to your purchase (or already excessively packed baby bag).

We are absolutely in love with their Fall line. It brings new colors and patterns to their ethically produced collection. Each collection is inspired by the founder’s travels- challenging the fact that you can indeed travel with young ones. And these incredible trips bring the cultural inspiration behind each collection.


Considering each sling is hand-made mostly by mothers, we know it’s a brand that we can truly stand by. These incredibly talented and meticulous seamstresses are paid fairly. It’s a breath of fresh air to realize the love and energy each sling takes to create.

And though we know just one sling will ‘do the job’, WildBird ensures that their prices are fair, too. They want to ensure that every parent has the ability to own a fashionable, ethical and quality sling. Once you own one, we can’t guarantee it’ll be your last. With these beautiful new options, it’s hard to resist.

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