Autumn Outfit Guide


When I first became a new mother, the confident woman who I once knew was gone. That girl was nowhere to be found. Feeling good about yourself as a new mother is notoriously difficult. It took me 8 months postpartum with my first to start feeling like myself (sort of) again. But style is important. Our style as women evolve with motherhood. It’s common to feel the need to omit the desire to shop once we enter this journey. We can blame our changing body shape and ever-evolving style needs: first a growing belly, then the yearlong need for quick-but-not-revealing boob access that follows.

But I do still want to feel good about myself. So, how do you rebuild a sense of personal style from scratch and rediscover the joy of dressing well again?

I personally loved watching tutorials from other women and their style guides, so I decided to curate one. An Autumn guide for you muses. Keep a open mind and use your imagination and enjoy this special style piece. I myself do not have a defined style. It changes with my environment, mood and season. This video is specially curated with mothers in mind and how the outfits move chasing children around, kisses and cuddles. The most important thing to do when you are stuck in a style rut is to discover—or rediscover—the joy of clothes and I hope this video will do just that.

No filters or retouching has been made to the video or images to showcase authentic colours in the clothing.

Location Airside Space Events

Set Design Cahoots Creative

Hair Ambition Salon 

test 1

Top Sumter & Co. 
Pants Auguste The Label 
Little One Overalls Lil’ Lemons by For Love & Lemons

ig6 brwn pnts

Top Sumter & Co. (Custom Made)
Pants Oak & Fort 

ig6 white black

Dress Sumter & Co. 

ig5 blue dress

Dress For Love & Lemons 
Mini Dress Lil’ Lemons by For Love & Lemons 
Headband Avenue The Label 
Beret Avenue The Label 


ig4 match

Shearling Jacket For Love & Lemons 
Mini Shearling Jacket Lil’ Lemons by For Love & Lemons 
Rubber Boots Sticky Lemon
Socks Sticky Lemon 
Backpack Sticky Lemon 

ig3 dress cat

Dress Bianca Balti Collection 
Jacket Bianca Balti Collection 

ig2 blk swtr strip

Sweater Jerri Jones
Rubber Boots Sticky Lemon 

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