For the Juggling Mother

Between feedings, doctor appointments, and perhaps juggling more than one child, new mothers rarely have time or energy, for that matter—to even bother putting up with a gigantic double stroller. And yet somehow, I still purchased one with much regret. I used it less than a year after having my second. It was so much work and did not accommodate easy access in stores, cafes and sometimes took up half the walking space on the sidewalk. If you have a newborn and a toddler my recommendation is baby wearing. I currently still baby wear and my son is now 17 months old.

When I came across Mumsie I was pretty excited. The concept is innovative, stylish and offers convenience in the form of fashion. Introducing the overall that will change the way you baby wear. Yes, you read that correctly.


It’s baby wearing overalls.

The mumsie was born out of need. One day I had my hands full juggling a 4 year old at kindy drop off, with a newborn, lunch boxes, school bags, hats, shoes, handbag, phone, dummy, sanity… and I was wearing a pair of cool vintage overalls.

As I mumbled and fumbled with my baby carrier trying to get it on, trying to clip it behind my neck, I looked down at the bib of my overalls and thought, hey I wish I could just pop angel tot in here for a few minutes.. how easy would that be?!

And so the mumsie began and blossomed from a little lightbulb into a range of baby carrying garments to have your back when you most need them most.. whether it be kindy drop offs, jumping on a plane, cooking some pumpkin moosh or a quick trip to the shops.


And surprisingly a very chic look: paired with a tailored dress shirt, t-shirt or crop top the overalls are adorable especially with your baby across your chest. You can now handle post-maternity style with as much ease as ever with The Mumsie. The overalls also allow you to loosen the straps for breastfeeding.

When my Mumsie arrived it came in a fabric bag that is re-usable and inside had the instructions on how to wear your Mumsie. It’s very straightforward, for mothers who have a difficult time putting their babies in slings or carriers on their own these overalls are made for you.

You will not need a second pair of hands to baby wear in these bad boys. Besides the ease it is to put your little one in the kangaroo pouch the product itself is incredible quality and very comfortable. They come with removable shoulder pads for extra padding on shoulders or slide down to cover buckles. The classic and everyday overalls have side leg pockets big enough for your phone or a baby bottle.


It will become your go to outfit when you need to be prepared for anything and keep your baby close to your chest.

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