An Upgrade, From the Bottom up

Americans throw away 27.5 billion disposable diapers a year. Imagine the amount of petroleum-based plastic and wood pulp that goes into manufacturing those diapers, and then think about the super-absorbent polymers and deodorizing chemicals many companies add to the mix. Cotton, reusable diapers probably sound like a much better choice. But are they? Cloth diapers must be washed in hot water after each use—and some sources recommend washing your diapers twice to kill germs. That’s a lot of water, energy, and detergent, which could be an issue in areas where water is scarce and must be carefully conserved. And if that cotton isn’t organic, tons of harmful pesticides were undoubtedly used to grow it.

But here is the thing…you’ll definitely need diapers.

Whether you choose cloth, disposable or a combination of both depends on what works for your family.


But for the parents (like us) that just want sustainable, ethical, and convenient options that benefit our children and Mother Nature we wanted to find a brand that was transparent.

Coterie is that brand.


Honest and straight to the point, just like their design. They don’t just preach sustainability they educate us on solid facts and their company commitments to better the diaper industry.

Everyone has a carbon footprint, even your baby. All diapers, disposable and cloth, are part of the problem – there’s no way around it. That’s why we’re funding renewable energy carbon offset initiatives. When you buy our diapers, you’ll help offset the environmental impact of not only your baby’s diapers, but another baby’s, too.” — Coterie.

No disposable diaper is 100% biodegradable. Only 23% of US landfills have the tools in place to allow the materials in a biodegradable diaper to break down and when they do, they emit harmful greenhouse gases. We’re donating a portion of our proceeds to our global recycling partner, Diaper Recycling Technology (DRT). DRT has pioneered technology that will allow us to reuse 95% of the materials in a diaper. Your purchase of Coterie diapers supports our efforts to make the world a better place for your baby and generations to come.


Guaranteed to be skin-friendly, Coterie diapers are perfect for delicate newborn skin very soft and excellent absorbency.

Coterie focuses on serving and delighting their customer. They traveled the globe to source the highest quality materials and reimagined what a diaper could be, from the ground up.


We still need more parents to be vocal about wanting to be more sustainable, for everyone to take ownership of adjustments they can make within their home, and most crucially – the need for more education on a topic. This is why we need more brands like Coterie that educate us and provide us with resources and non-profits that better our planet.

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