The Many Hats of Motherhood – Avenue The Label

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned this summer, it’s the season of the hat—and not just any hat, but the kind that are unexpected. Not your standard safari hat, newsboy cap or basic straw sunhat.


Think bigger

And the trend won’t be going anywhere as Fall 2019 is still all about unique headwear. I felt this fits so perfectly into motherhood. As mothers we are constantly wearing many different hats. We have to be everything to everyone. Well, not really, but it can feel that way!

So I was on a mission to find a brand that offered the variety we needed for every type of hat we wear: comforter and nurturer, protector, enforcer, taskmaster, empathizer…the list goes on.


Introducing Australia headwear label AVENUE

A brand founded and driven by women in celebration of the different roles we embody. With sun protection in mind the founders are not afraid to get creative with the designs.

“Our girl is someone that is confident and fiercely feminine”

And to my mind nothing it more feminine than motherhood. Avenue is about quality and functionality and with its diverse range we will 100% be frequent shoppers. It was a dream to collaborate with AVENUE on this editorial to showcase our vision on The Many Hats of Motherhood.

Shop Avenue 

Full Article & Editorial

Inside Print No.11 Available Here




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