These Might Be the Most Comfortable Nursing Bras You Will Wear


Breastfeeding involves a lot of effort and love sometimes accompanied with pain and heartache. The icing on the cake is wearing a nursing bra that makes you feel uncomfortable.

In the realm of new motherhood it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Breastfeeding around the clock can be extremely exhausting, uncomfortable and it’s not easy. Finding a nursing bra that can contribute to making this process feel a little less difficult is vital.

I know you may feel completely not sexy at all during this time. But you are a life sustaining force, which is sexy in its own right. Shake off any guilt that you have about not wearing girlie pretty under garments. In time it will happen again— but right now all you need is functionality, comfort and something that is easy to wear under your clothing.


I found Bravado Designs to fulfill all my needs.

Their nursing bras are staple pieces that give you the nostalgia feeling of going bra-less, while giving you the support you need. It’s comfortable enough that it can be worn to bed and the fabrics allow longevity. The designs are simple with stylish colours that make it ballet chic.

The two specific bras I am speaking about are their Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra and Ballet Nursing Bra both fit to your shape making you feel less weird about your bigger boobs during those first few months postpartum. Since the fabrics compliment to your changing shape both are perfect bras even during pregnancy. The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra has tiny clips at the top making it subtle but easy to unhook, this design makes it look like you are wearing a regular bra! The Ballet Nursing Bra is ultra soft and the easiest design for new moms who want a no clip, easy-access nursing bra.

You will essentially live in both of them.


About Bravado Designs

For over 25 years, we have been supporting pregnant and breastfeeding women with nursing bras designed for comfort and style. We know that every mom is different, which is why we go the distance to cover all the bases of comfort, fit and function. Through our unique Test Wear Program, we engage with real moms of all sizes and in all stages of motherhood, and garner invaluable feedback that influences our designs. As a result, with the help of hundreds of moms, our design team uses their expertise and understanding of the little details to develop and optimize nursing bras that truly give moms the best experience.

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