You Need to Know About Elvie Trainer

As I held the perfectly wrapped, white box with tiffany-blue accents in my hands, my eyes scanned over the description on the lower base of the paper. Set Goals, Get Motivated and Track Progress it read.

What in the world did I get myself into?

I questioned as I unraveled- only to see the most suiting sentence to reassure this decision I had made to try Elvie Trainer: your most personal trainer it said underneath a beautiful, sphere-like graphic.

To be transparent: the idea of inserting an egg-like object inside of myself that connected to my phone kind of threw me for a loop.

Elvie MM

I have naturally given birth twice and I had thought that I was aware of my pelvic floor strength considering; however, I had to admit I was ridiculously curious. How could I not be?

To be quite honest, the Elvie Trainer packaging is close to perfection. As I popped the box open to see my own, personal carrying case (which Elvie so effortlessly sat in), I admired how sleek and (dare I say) stylish it truly was.

Reading through the manual I prepared myself for some adjustments: the way it sat inside, ensuring it’s warmed up before my “games” began and making sure it connected well to the app.

The set up was a total breeze. I believe the hardest part was actually partaking in the exercises. Sadly, I was not as strong as I had thought. But, Elvie Trainer seemed like it might be able to change that. I had even noticed a difference within 3 days.

The manual was incredibly easy to read. It was very straightforward and the app itself was simple to navigate.

Once I was ready to go (or should I say, “ready to squeeze”), the games were surprisingly fun.

By simply squeezing and releasing my body, a pastel-coloured, blue ball lifted and lowered. Following the simple instructions on my phone, my exercises continued until the final screen revealed the “average” strength compared to my own. I am not ashamed to say it was quite lower than I had expected, though it had gradually gotten better within days.


By choosing between levels in which the exercises (I prefer “games”) become more difficult, by the end of each session your Elvie will tell you just how much stronger your pelvic floor has become.

For myself, it was most comfortable without the additional sleeve offered for a snugger-fit, along with lying on my back rather than standing.

Always remember: every person is different, and as recommended in the manual, if at any time your Elvie becomes painful or uncomfortable, remove and consult with your Doctor and/or specialist.

Because each “game” lasts no more than 6 minutes, it’s incredibly easy use it anywhere, anytime.

The Elvie Trainer became more than just an exercise tool for me. It became an opportunity to candidly discuss more personal-health with my partner, my friends and now you.

Yes, we are advised by our Doctors and Midwives (and friends at best) to constantly work on our kegel exercises before and after Baby. But, we never literally see how strong we are.

The Elvie Trainer changes that. By participating in very short (yet incredibly fun) exercises, you get to track your daily and weekly goals.


The beauty in a product like the Elvie Trainer is how it’s changing the stigma against discussing our pelvic floor health. More and more women are experiencing things such as urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapses postpartum that do not have to be permanent. We can even prevent these occurrences with a product like Elvie.

Whether you are looking to strengthen your core postpartum or prevent those sneaky leaks during a big sneeze during pregnancy, The Elvie Trainer may just become your new best friend.

Now, excuse me- I have a new goal to beat…

Review by Mother Muse Julian Jamie


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