In Conversation with Paola Castelo co-founder of Xane Studio

Meet our Muse Paola Castelo co-founder of sustainable brand Xane Studio and new mother. 


Could you describe yourself in one sentence?

I think I’d use the following important traits to describe myself:

Passionate, wild, spiritual, value based, energetic. 

What is it like being a new mother?

It’s only been six weeks, but so far it’s been incredible, there are really no words for it.

I feel like a part of me has been removed and now becoming its own.

The love I have for her is magical, so primal, and I would do literally anything for
this little human.

Give us the cliff’s notes version of your birth story.

I absolutely loved the labouring part. I was planning a home birth so I was at home for most of it. After hours of labouring, my very experienced midwife said my cervix was the most swollen she seen in her career. At that point I had to give up on the home-birth plan. We drove to BC Women’s. Candidly, the hospital was so much better than I had expected. I’m grateful for the staff that were so nice to us. Accommodating all my requests such as: wanting my placenta, delayed cord clamping, and to not take baby away for weighing right after birth. I’m so grateful everything went well and we were blessed to take a healthy baby home. I’d also like to add how lucky we are to have BC women’s in Vancouver.

It truly felt world class.


What was it like having a midwife?

It was fantastic. I would say my favourite part is how personal our appointments were and how accommodating they were to my desires as a mother. We are very lucky to have registered midwifes in Canada (that study for four years to be registered). In my country midwifes are illegal and it is so sad how pregnancy has become a business for many hospitals. I believe these lack of options create a bad dynamic for women. Pregnancy and labour are the most sacred experiences in a woman’s life and it should be treated that way.

What is one thing you didn’t expect that came with pregnancy?

I did not expect to feel as good as I felt. I felt so healthy, sexy, creative and had many spiritual experiences through breath work and meditation.

Did you feel self cautious of your body while pregnant?

Not at all, I loved my belly so much that I even made a point of showing it by wearing knit dresses and tiny bikinis at the beach.

How is breastfeeding going?

I have heard so many stories that breastfeeding can be very difficult and painful. I’m grateful that for us so far is been great. Luckily, my body knew what to do, and I have a hungry baby that doesn’t want to leave the boob.


What inspired your brand Xane Studio?

Travel, culture & the power of women.

How far do you go in terms of sustainability with

Xane Studio?

At Xane we are passionate about building a sustainable brand. We produce small production runs with careful attention to detail and quality. Our garments are made from end-cuts that we source from high-end design houses, by doing this we divert these gorgeous fabrics from landfills.

All our garments are made in Mexico City by a small team of seamstresses. We visit their facilities twice a year and personally oversee the production process. The workers get paid well above minimum wage and are compensated fairly and work in ethical conditions. I have always tried to support my country’s economy as well I did not want to have a brand that makes clothes in China or Bangladesh as it is extremely difficult to oversee these factories. All our shipping supplies and packaging come from recycled materials.

Do you hope to make a more sustainable approach?

Yes, we will always try to find new ways to continue our sustainable approach. As well, we would love to curate collections from vintage items.

What are your long-term plans for Xane Studio?

We have recently had the opportunity to expand with other products but we like the focus of the narrow line, so we are still deciding if we will take on more.


About Xane Studio

At Xane we are passionate about building an ecologically sustainable brand. We produce small production runs with careful attention to detail and quality. Our garments are manufactured from fabric end-cuts that are sourced from high-end design houses. This means that our lines divert these gorgeous fabrics from landfills.

All of our garments are made in Mexico City and we personally oversee the production process to ensure that the workers are compensated fairly and work in ethical conditions.

Co-founders Paola Castelo & Sam Brophy


Mother Muse Paola Castelo

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