Well Kept

Well Kept


Shaving – an often mundane, overlooked task, left to the last minute, done with tools that resemble something from a Barbie catalogue – pink, purple, plastic, sparkles, over packaging, over complication, over feminized.

As we slowly began curating our lives and aligning the products we purchased with our values, we realized our choices were simple, natural, quality, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. The pink plastic, disposable product on our shower shelves had never felt more out of place.

Fast forward a few years, a lot of research and product testing later – well kept was founded. We aim to provide a refined, sustainable and sophisticated alternative for women’s shaving.

The safety razor may seem intimidating at first, but we promise in practice it really isn’t. With it’s single blade the safety razor is more precise and needs only to be run over your skin once, rather then numerous times. It causes less irritation, provides a close shave, and when combined with our shave oil moisturizes your legs simultaneously. We’ve been conditioned to think the more blades the better, but after delving into the matter, we found out this simply isn’t true.

In addition to being a better shave, the safety razor is also an amazing plastic free alternative. Meant to last a lifetime, you can do away with disposable plastic razors. So many of us use one-or two-time disposable razors, or disposable cartridges, the introduction of a safety razor into our routines means no more need for refills or non-recyclable razors. In fact, the U.S.–based Environmental Protection Agency estimates that no fewer than two billion razors are thrown away every year in the United States alone. That’s a terrifying number.


Finally, not only are these razors beautiful, effective and environmentally friendly, but they’re also less expensive in the long run. Although the initial outlay is more, replacement blades cost a fraction of the price of multi-blade cartridges.

The well kept safety razor is available on it’s own with one blade or in a kit comprised of the safety razor, six replacement blades, an agave exfoliating cloth and an almond based shave oil. well kept also offers a range of other apothecary products such as soaking salts, bath milks, nourishing oils, etc. We source local, natural ingredients and organic whenever possible.

Please see our full selection online at Well Kept.

We want to create a space where women can not only give themselves the time to enjoy shaving with natural, sustainable, quality products, but also to speak openly about something that isn’t usually talked about – leg hair, armpit hair, women’s hair… 

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