Muse Review, BodyBio

Mother Muse Review, BodyBio


For two weeks now I have been introducing BodyBio supplements into my morning routine. I have been using their Balance Oil which is vegan and PC supplement taking 2 soft gels with my morning kale & berry smoothie. I have not introduced any supplements in my diet for nearly 9 months so this was a perfect opportunity for me to see clearly how these vitamins impacted my health and energy. I started to notice changes about 3 days after and felt a sense of efficiency in energy levels. Since, taking their Balance Oil and PC supplement I feel more focused and definitely have more energy. The supplements have not effected my metabolism, appetite, and no mood swings. I am happy to continue the supplements and definitely recommend BodyBio.

About The Balance Oil

The Balance Oil is made up of High Linoleic Unrefined Safflower Oil and Flaxseed Oil in their virgin state. Which is rich in Omega 6s and Omega 3s are the most powerful nutrients we can give our bodies. These nutrients positively impact brain function, digestive health, immune support, liver function and cardiovascular activity.

The Balance Oil is packed of lipids which are an integral part of breastmilk and formula.  Lipids make up 3-5% of the composition of breast milk. Half of the calories and half of the energy that your baby gets from a feeding comes from the lipids in your breast milk. Besides energy, lipids provide an important source of essential fatty acids and cholesterol. They’re also necessary for the growth (and weight gain) of your baby and the development of your child’s brain and vision.

Nutrition to the breastfeeding mother is integral to the health benefits of her breastmilk. Many vegetarian/vegan mother’s do not have enough EFA’s in their breastmilk and Balance Oil is a vegan friendly way to get more EFA’s for both mama and baby!


About BodyBio PC

The BodyBio PC is made of pure phospholipids which automatically form liposomes in the body. Non-liposomal PC, such as lecithin, is broken down by digestion, preventing the positive impact PC has on improving your cellular health. BodyBio PC is a non-GMO, pure liposomal phospholipid complex, meaning the pure phospholipids are not broken apart and are instantly utilized, rebuilding every cell in your body. PC has been shown to support the proper development of brain areas in the fetus and infant during pregnancy.

About BodyBio

Research is at the heart of everything we do and the genesis of our company. BodyBio was conceived when our founders, Ed and Patricia Kane, developed targeted blood chemistry analysis and epigenetic testing to investigate the most complex disorders in the world. Their mission began with developing a medical software program that would produce a list of required nutrients based on an individual’s blood chemistry results matched to the medical literature. The findings from that research developed into BodyBio as we know it today.

BodyBio products stand out from the majority of vitamins and supplements on the market because our products were created for those with complex disorders. Our products are developed with the utmost concern to be the most pure, non oxidized, high-quality supplements. We set ourselves apart from other brands that produce “generic” vitamins and supplements because BodyBio products are founded on “cell membrane medicine” – an investigation into real-world science, not fictional promises. We stand steadfast behind the quality of our products, and believe in the ability of our products to improve lives one cell at a time.


Why Lipids?

Lipids play vital roles in energy storage and signaling, and as structural components. In effect, lipids keep everything in your body working in harmony.

We apply the most current lipids research and findings to the treatment and repair of physical ailments by addressing the basic foundation of our bodies —the cellular and mitochondrial membranes. We are the vanguard of lipids study.

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