Petit Mioche

Petit Mioche


PETIT MIOCHE began on a cold, windy afternoon in February 2015. I was pregnant with my daughter, Kaya, and I ventured out into the icy streets of Manhattan to buy her very first piece of clothing. I was as excited as a first-time mom could be, but after visiting a few boutiques, I realized I would rather make her clothes myself. having worked in the fashion industry before I wanted to design extraordinary, stylish baby apparel—in other words, I wanted to give my daughter designs that I personally would wear, with a timeless but contemporary style and eclectic touches, all with earth-friendly, high-quality materials and attention to detail. And so one and a half years later, after a move to California, PETIT MIOCHE was born. Our first collection launched in Summer 2017.

Each product from PETIT MIOCHE is made in California, using only organic, fair-trade materials to protect children’s sensitive skin, to support ethical labor practices, and to preserve our environment. We are also committed to aiding to those in need, so we’ve partnered with the non-profit organization Circle of Health International (COHI) to help women and children around the world.

Dana Sirois, Owner and Designer


Ethical Production

At PETIT MIOCHE, we care about how and where our products are made. That’s why every piece we offer is lovingly designed and made in California. Most of our pieces are handmade in-house but if we work with manufacturers, we oversee every step in the process to ensure the quality of each style meets our high standards. And we only work with manufacturers that treat and compensate their employees fairly.

We pay close attention to every detail in our lines. We use traditional European craftsmanship methods to create our contemporary designs, producing garments that are truly unique.


Environmental Responsibility & Slow Fashion

We believe children’s sensitive skin deserves the best natural materials, so we only use fabrics that are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. GOTS is the leading standard for organic fabrics, ensuring environmentally responsible production as well as the safety and fair payment of workers. When possible, we also produce textiles ourselves, helping our planet by reducing shipping-related co² emissions.

Some pieces are dyed by hand in-house using either whole or powdered plants, a method we believe is better for our skin and our environment. We’re grateful for mother earth’s offerings, and so we opt for a slow, multistep dyeing process to work in harmony with her. Because plant dyes are completely natural, the exact shade of each item will vary slightly, making each one of a kind. colours may also be slightly different than our online product images.

Every garment is made-to-order; that means we are only producing as much garments as needed aiming for Zero Waste. Each garment is sewn with french seams giving it a neat finish, and allowing for future “letting out” if desired.


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As seen here Gown No.2 custom collaboration with Mother Muse Magazine available for order

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