Muse Review, VSP Consignment

Mother Muse Review, VSP Consignment


Dress Louis Vuitton, VSP Consignment

VSP Consignment is not only about providing customers with designer pieces, everything is in very excellent condition, wearable with a mix of trendy but mostly timeless and everlasting wardrobe essentials. Besides, the endless list of designer pieces at VSP their price point is very affordable. They make it easy for customers to purchase in store and online with outstanding customer service. I admire their impact to  lessen the environmental impact of fast fashion. I highly recommend VSP as your first choice to shop quality designer pieces as they take pride in everything they put out for their customers.


Dress Prada, VSP Consignment

About VSP Consignment

Opened in 2013 by owner Britt Rawlinson, VSP is a contemporary consignment boutique located in Toronto’s vibrant Dundas West neighbourhood. Our sprawling storefront of 4,000 square feet hosts a hand-selected collection of contemporary must-haves and hard to find classics.

With over 30 years of industry experience, dating back to our flagship location in Calgary, Alberta, VSP is committed to providing a welcoming atmosphere that seeks to bring personalized and accessible luxury shopping to each and every client!


Pants Gucci, VSP Consignment

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