About URiBE


Launched in 2014, Uribe is a London based jewellery label led by design duo Sion & Tiffany Phillips. With a strong foundation in design and fashion, URiBE is defined by their unique backgrounds, heritage, and travel.

Tiffany has previously collaborated in accessories design at Chanel, Maison Michel, Kenzo, Loewe and Atelier Swarovski, among others, while Sion has worked on branding, design, and advertising concepts for clients such as Dazed and Confused, Nike, and MiuMiu.


Heritage and travel come hand in hand as inspiration for URiBE. Travel is a naturally integrated part of our lives; we need it – it’s the feeling of adventure, getting lost, seeing somewhere new, trying new food and learning about a new culture that excites us. Arriving at a starting point for URiBE happened during our two-month honeymoon from California to Chile.

We found ourselves writing down every idea we had along the way to create our perfect brand, and photographing the most amazing places on earth – from Little Corn Island, Nicaragua, Joshua Tree, California, down to Lago Grey in the Chilean Patagonia and the Inca Trail, Peru. The graphic presence in nature is amazing and created a beautiful starting point for URiBE. With Sion’s graphic sensibility and Tif’s eccentric aesthetic, the blend of the two resulted in this tribal-memphis-eclectic mash-up that is now the URiBE Aesthetic.


URiBE Bespoke

After four years in the fashion jewellery business, and stocked in Colette, Luisa Via Roma, Nordstrom, International Gallery Beams, Joyce HK, Net-A-Porter and more, we are bringing back the focus to our clients directly and offering a very unique, bespoke process to create “one-off” pieces of jewellery.


All URiBE bespoke and fine jewellery is handcrafted in London and Wales with ethically sourced gemstones and precious metals. We offer a one on one consultation in London, or via FaceTime/Skype to discuss our project together. Each piece of bespoke jewellery infuses URiBE design elements with the aesthetic wishes of the customer, while taking his or her (or both!) personal references into consideration. Using their birthstones, numerology and astrological chart I then work on a symbolic and meaningful, one of a kind, piece of jewellery for my client.

The U necklace is one of our URiBE classics and trademarks that we have now refined and updated as part of our fine jewellery offering. In two toned 18ct white and yellow gold, the interlocking U toggle closure is customised per client, often with her children’s birthstones set into each cube of the U.


The business is changing along with the market, and we’ll soon be offering a fine and demi-fine jewellery selection apart from our existing fashion jewellery collection. Alongside our own design consulting services that keep us super busy , we have a 19 month old son, Afon, and a 3 year old rescue dog, Bowie.

As a mom and creative, the women represented in Mother Muse along with it’s founder Shereen, are exactly the strong and independent characters we want to see wearing URiBE.

Contact info for URiBE & Bespoke services 

+44 7568 084 376



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