Silent Arrow

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Designed in Melbourne, Australia, Silent Arrow is a lingerie brand created by women, for women. Our range is inspired by confidence, freedom and self-empowerment with comfort and functionality at its core.

Since our inception in late 2016, Silent Arrow has become more than just a lingerie brand; it’s a community of women who are fiercely independent and true to themselves. With a growing cult-like following of #TrueRadGirls on Instagram, Silent Arrow has grown into a place for women to share empowered photos in their lingerie for themselves, not focused on the male gaze.

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Offering more than just standard lingerie and sizing, we also specialize in swimwear and maternity styles. Our best-selling maternity bra, Warrior Mama, is an innovative feeding solution with magnetic clips which allows for easy feeding and quick closure, and the swim range is edgy and unfiltered, with a one piece that stands out and speaks to the inner rebel.

“Wearing nice lingerie feels good, it feels like self-love. Unfortunately, the lingerie industry mainly markets to men, not the actual wearer. We speak to women. We design lingerie that is comfortable and works with a woman’s body.” – Kelly Barrett, Founder.



Silent Arrow advocates for all women and was founded with the drive to make a difference at its core. With every item purchased from the range, we’re able to donate a pair of soft, comfortable cotton undies to a woman in need. These undies will go to support homeless women, women fleeing domestic violence and teenage girls in foster care. We’ve partnered with organizations such as Kara House, Days for Girls, Sacred Heart, Orange Sky and Youth Projects and have been able to donate thousands of our cotton undies to date.

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