Aurore Van Milhem


Aurore Van Milhem

A conversation with Melanie Pothron creator and designer of Aurore Van Milhem timeless poetry clothes handmade to order in Paris with beautiful fabrics.

Mélanie always had a greater vision, a real desire to mark her generation by giving women back their rightful place. She is a woman with a compulsive and sincere creativity who delivers herself completely through every piece of her brand, free from restraint. Mélanie is also the paradox of the artist who will burn her work at the slightest defect. She has a strong will, which contrasts with the fragility and sensitivity that are the heart of her creations.


Her passion for music, drawing, literature, photography are all the ways that allows her to transcend herself each time a little more to create. A vital creativity, a perfect balance between light and shade, which can be summed up in a sentence she has cherished since she was young:

“No one can reach the dawn without going through the paths of the night.”

After studies in communication and law, Mélanie decided in 2015 to learn a profession that fascinated her: Sewing. A year later she performed a year of fashion design in a Parisian school. Way too free to work for other names than hers, she founded her brand Aurore Van Milhem in 2017 and sets off to pursue a dream that is realized every day a little more thanks to you.


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Mother Muse Adrienne Ford, Photographer Jenzel Velo Makeup Hannah Schell Styling Aurore Van Milhem

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