Muse Review, Artipoppe

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Mother Muse Review, Artipoppe

Artipoppe is hands down my obsession.

Their slings, wraps and carriers are my daily go-to for helping me stay mobile. With a busy toddler and 4 month old I am able to keep my feet on the ground a little bit more.

I know there are plenty of baby wraps out in the market but what I love about Artipoppe is that they combine the practicality of baby wearing with representation to compliment your own identity and style.

When I wear Artipoppe I feel special, confident and beautiful besides feeling great for yourself they use the finest of materials for your baby.

Every order is packaged to perfection with dust bags and branding but also comes with a fantastic step by step picture guide catered to your purchase.

I highly recommend this brand to welcome you into motherhood. I believe as mothers we deserve a piece of quality and design to compliment our journey. Artipoppe makes me feel beautiful and my baby absolutely loves being comforted and close to me.

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About Artipoppe



Our passion is to create high quality babywearing products that are functional, fashionable and luxurious. We strive to compose items that you will be proud to own and use, with the knowledge that each piece is crafted with the utmost safety, care and quality from start to finish, and beyond. Artipoppe fabric is designed in the Netherlands and woven in Lithuania with the highest quality, and most durable yarn available in the world.


The Artipoppe design process is uncompromising when envisioning patterns that are beautiful, stylish and perhaps most importantly, allow for the fabric to naturally mold to a child’s caress and help distribute weight comfortably on the wearer. From there, weaving techniques, fibres and color plays come together to create the final artistic piece.

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Artipoppe woven wraps, ring slings and Zeitgeist baby carriers are intimate accessories that carry your most precious cargo. Which is why we strive to make our products as ethically, and with the highest quality of materials, as possible. For us, quality and luxury is in the details. We handpick all the yarns that are woven into Artipoppe products. We pay special attention to specific expertise for different yarns and fibres from around the world. Such as, cashmere from Mongolia, wool from Scotland, merino from New Zealand and cotton from Egypt. We pay close attention to all of our suppliers, and their suppliers. For example, we prefer to use merino from New-Zealand, where mulesing is not a common practice. Most of the yarns we purchase are spun and processed in Italy.


Our manufacturing process leverages the fine craftsmanship of the weavers that we work closely with at each step to ensure that our products are of the highest quality achievable. Once the fabric is woven, each item is hand-finished and passed through a rigorous quality check. Artipoppe woven wraps and ring slings are hand-finished in the Netherlands.


The high quality of Artipoppe baby wraps, ring slings and Zeitgeist baby carriers means that they are long-lasting, and could even become family heirlooms. Which is why we have started offering a Spa service to help care for and protect items that withstand daily, rigorous use.

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Keep them close and feel beautiful

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