The MoreMulher Calendar Is Empowering Every Mother


The MoreMulher Calendar Is Empowering

Every Woman & Mother


MoreMulher dedicates this year’s calendar to the root of us all, our mothers. They selflessly gave us their all without hesitation. It’s important they receive that same kind of nurturing back, no matter how much time has passed. We hope that this calendar inspires everyone to love and care for all forms of femininity, not just your own. We share a spectrum of light too strong to neglect any part of it.

This calendar was shot entirely on 120mm film (except for the cover). Every individual photoshoot was curated to suit the mother chosen as the muse, as well as the month. Most of the women had not been a part of a photoshoot experience prior to this but were still eager to participate when they learned more about the importance of integrating motherhood into our efforts to empower all things feminine. Some were not even aware of how beautiful they were naturally because it’s not something they hear every day or know about themselves. That’s one of the motivating factors behind the fruition of this project. To remind our mothers that they are inspiring in their raw femininity and that although they may have neglected parts of their beings to give us their all, it is never too late to tend to and cherish the woman they always dreamed of being. We are here to help them with that process.


 Nourish the roots and the flower will grow.

Love your mothers infinitely.

Care for them as they’ve cared for you.


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