Brand Muse: Miou Kids


Miou is a fair-trade, eco-friendly clothing company with a conscience. Started by designer and mother of five Christine Dubin, Miou creates exquisite hand-knitted clothing for children and has recently started a women’s line as well.

A unique combination of Earth mother meets old world nostalgia, Miou clothing manages to be both stylish and practical. Their baby alpaca line is durable, warm and incredibly soft, and it’s also hypo-allergenic, so it won’t irritate baby’s sensitive skin. Popular items such as their bonnets and booties can be mixed and matched with any outfit, and Miou offers a range of clothing for any taste, from delicate, lace-patterned cotton summer dresses to fun play rompers and cozy cardigans.


There’s an air of nostalgia to Miou’s knitwear—similar to what you might feel about that sweater your grandma knit you when you were a child that you still keep wrapped up on the top of a shelf. That’s because every item is handmade by a highly skilled artisan knitter in Peru. Miou’s team of knitters are paid a fair wage for their work, and many of them are single mothers, so the money they earn helps them support and educate their children. Christine Dubin makes frequent trips to Peru to make sure her workers are happy, as well as to implement new Earth-friendly practices such as small-batch, plant-based dyes using ancestral techniques.

Buying from Miou helps support their vision of being a company that tries to make the world a better place while providing customers with high-quality, one-of a kind clothing made to be worn and treasured by the next generation.


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Get cozy for this season shop Miou here

Photography by Amelia Hambrook & Noelle Mirabella 

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