Valco Baby

Valco Baby is a family owned and operated company from Australia. The brand has been manufacturing and distributing baby products for more than 30 years now.

Valco Baby is the only stroller you will need from newborn to toddler, and they offer accessories and solutions when the time comes to expand your family. Currently, I am using the Snap 4.

I mean this with all my heart

This is the lightest stroller I have ever used and the easiest to fold. I was over the moon when I first started using it. I am pregnant so I needed something that would be light and easy, this style did not disappoint.

The Snap 4 has an expandable hood for extra protection from sun and rain. The seating is very comfortable for my daughter who is 16 months with a lot of extra room not leaving her feeling enclosed. One more thing I would like to add about this style is the tires they are tubeless meaning they will never puncture.


The colour I am using is grey marble (you see less of a mess with this colour and it’s super easy to clean) shop the style below:


The company sets new standards for functionality, durability, style and safety, and are always developing new products to remain at the forefront of the baby industry.

Valco Baby also designs leather handle grips and bumper bar covers to fit their Snap & Snap 4 stroller. It’s a new product not yet available in Canada (coming soon) that I am smitten about besides the overall cool style, I also find it adds extra durability and grip when going down steep hills.


The colour I am using is caramel and is available below:




Shop More Styles by Valco Baby Here

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