Interview Marilou Bourdon

Inside Volume One we interviewed muse Marilou Bourdon founder of Trois Fois Par Jour and Petite Lou. We were completely inspired by Marilou and her honesty about her body image after having a baby and how truly humble she is while she continues to grow her empire. Read preview below

What inspired you to do your cookbook “Trois Fois Par Jour” ?

I struggled with anorexia for a very long time and when I was finally able to eat three times a day again I decided I wanted to create and share a project that would shed some light on eating disorders, speak of the taboos they entail. A few pretty pictures and some easy recipes later, Trois Fois Par Jour was born to inspire those who were suffering. I truly do believe I can help people who are fighting this fight daily.

Tell us your experience of body image after having your little one?

I thought I would gain more weight, but life decided otherwise. The combination of nursing and fatigue melted everything away quite quickly. The most difficult part of it was being judged by whomever looked at me. The straightforward judgement and decision that I had relapsed into anorexia, or that I was sick. People were so persistent and downright mean that I began doubting myself. But today I can honestly say that I’ve made peace with my weight. I’ve slowly started to put more weight on and I thank my body every day for the house it built so perfectly for Jeanne.

What does a typical day look like for you?

What I love most about my job is that every day is different. Between creating content for our magazine, our blog or our book, managing our company, and the arrival of Jeanne in the family, my life is anything but predictable.

What’s your biggest challenge as a mother?

Having to work while simultaneously wanting to spend every waking minute with Jeanne. I usually work when she sleeps, therefore my days are incredibly long and I find it is hard to manage that lack of sleep. I would love to have more energy for her and give her my 100% all day, every day. It can be a challenge to manage our day-to-day lives when exhaustion sets in.

Full Interview available here

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