From Hungary to Tulum as a family of four


Where are you originally from?

I am from Hungary. It’s a little country in the middle of Europe.

How did your life look before this big move?

We owned a very beautiful maisonette-style apartment in a charming town in Hungary.

In 2016, we won The Best Wedding Film Award. We were then on the jury of The Best Wedding Film in 2017. We worked with the absolute best Wedding Planners and we met amazing people!

We ended up becoming destination photographers and videographers.

And, while I was pregnant with our daughter, we had the opportunity to shoot some editorials in Italy. We also shot a wedding in Sicily.

When our daughter was only 2 months old, we photographed yet another wedding in France. During the Hungarian Wedding Season, we rarely had a day off!

At that time, my Husband, Aron, was working for Fashion and Cultured themed television shows and commercials. Because of this type of work, he was used to travelling quite frequently.

Our life was incredibly busy with our work schedules; we constantly searched for that perfect balance between career and family.


With the true desire to hold space in order for us to breathe, Aron and I decided it was time for us to make a drastic change: for our family of four to finally come together; to inspire each other and to create.

What were the influences that compelled your move? 

We always felt in our hearts that we were looking for more- for somewhere to call our home.

With my husband, both he and I travelled all around Europe. We were able to see the world and experience other incredible cultures like France, which we absolutely adored. We actually fell deeply in love with Provence and Tuscany, but when our daughter was born we both knew we wanted to be close to family. That was when we decided to move back to Hungary.

After a few years living back in Hungary, it was time to listen to our hearts once again. They (our hearts) were telling us that we no longer felt as if Hungary was our home. We yearned for more. That was when we decided to move to the most gorgeous place on Earth: Tulum.

Why Tulum?

To be honest, we did not know much about the town of Tulum. We had never even visited before we decided to move!


It became increasingly difficult to choose somewhere for our family to reside. The responsibility was immense; however, we knew God would guide us to our perfect home. We constantly prayed for His guidance. This was when our answers arrived and we found Tulum.

Because this location choice was very last minute for our family, we still feel pure magic when we stumble upon reasons why we are so deeply in love with our new home. We are constantly reminded why Tulum is the perfect place (for us) to live. Nearly every day we find reassurance.

What would you consider the toughest part about moving to Tulum?

I have always thought of myself as an “open” person. But, in the last year I became more closed-off. I believe when you become a mother, you can become a little more fearful towards your decision making – especially those choices that involve more people other than yourself.


Moving to Tulum gave me the opportunity to feel “open” once again. I felt alive. I felt as if the entire town suited my aesthetic. My personal style suits the area perfectly. It felt as if it were all falling into place. Thank God for allowing the process to be so seamless.

Though I was worried about the transition, it truly took a turn for the better. Because we were so known back in Hungary for our work in Fine Art, creating a new name for ourselves was nerve-wracking. But, we did it. We began a new brand and new Social Media handle- everything that goes into starting over.

Now that you are settled in Tulum, do you have any big plans?

The only true plan for us as a couple, as a family and as individuals is our personal and collective growth. We foresee nothing other than growing together.

We do dream of building a home and a potential community.

I would also love to grow the BEATATUM Photography business by incorporating more wedding photography.

Aron would like to begin an independent film studio. A studio dedicated for like-minded creatives to produce quality content and to inspire one another.

We are also thinking of getting a puppy…

Considering all of this change, can you give us insight into one of your days?

When our family initially arrived to Tulum, I truly wanted to dedicate the first year to exploration. I wanted it to feel like one, big, tropical vacation.

Once that year passed, our children began pre-school; which gave me more time to dedicate to my work. It allowed me space to create- to focus on my goals and make my dreams my reality.


Now, I am able to photograph inspiring individuals- people I truly admire and love.

Once my photography sessions end and the sunsets near, our family enjoys quality time with other, local families. The other children in-town are so adorable.

We also enjoy Tulum’s cuisine. The authentic, Mexican food is absolutely delectable.

During our weekends or free-hours during the week, we tend to spend most of our time on the beach.

Once our children fall asleep, Aron and I usually discuss our hopes and dreams to a well-deserved glass of wine.

While we overhear the sound of crickets chirping in the night, we feel such amazement in how much has changed in our lives over the past year. We have evolved (as a business and family) so much. We truly see how blessed we are. We are in God’s hands. He has brought us into the life we have always wanted to live.

Who is your Mother Muse?

I have been trying to think of my answer for quite some time…and if I’m going to be honest (in my biggest attempt not to be cliché), my answer would be the Holy Mary. In Mexico she is everyone’s idol.

Though in real-life, my aunt would also be my Mother Muse. She created an incredible lifestyle in a little village. She connected love, nature, family and cooking to curate an incredible life.

Also- Vania and Christine from Simplybloom Photography. Their work is very magical! They’re both incredible mothers and have built a company with such grace.

Lastly, Naomi Davis (also known as Lovetaza). I would also consider her to be my Mother Muse. She is a well-known blogger and shares her family’s adventures. With their creativity, Naomi continuously gives me inspiration.

It’s hard to choose just one Mother Muse. All of these women give me such inspiration!

As a parent, what were some concerns you had when you chose to move?


I was worried that if I said, “Ok,” to this move that I would loose a lot of connections I worked so hard on achieving. I did not want to give up the nice things I had owned or the friendships I had the pleasure of forming.

We then decided to sell everything we owned: our car, our furniture, our home décor- even a lot of our children’s toys.

We decided to make a Facebook group in order to successfully sell our tangible items. That was a beautiful experience! We had the opportunity to meet new friends and family who appreciated our story. We must have met over one hundred families.

Within those days, we were able pass on the gift of hope and courage. It was rewarding to know that not only were these families going to love the treasures we had once cherished, but perhaps become brave enough to one day jump on an intuitive pull towards change in their own lives- no matter how big or small.

On our last day in Europe we organized a garage sale. That was an amazing experience. We met incredible people. By saying goodbye to our country, our home and our things, we saw the importance of welcoming change.

Though our apartment was quickly emptying, our hearts became more full. We were ready.

What advice would you give to parents who are considering a big move? Any tips?

If possible: sell as many things as you can. Purge your tangible items- even if it means giving them away at no cost.

I would also highly recommend setting a goal. Do everything you can to achieve said goal.

Keep your goal in mind. No one can tell you what to do or how to live your life.


Be open to change. The only way to grow is through our humanly interaction, through the homes we live in and through the relationships we encounter. This is the only way for new opportunity to arise- so embrace it all.

If you believe and trust in God, you won’t consider quitting. And through this you will continue to grow.


Mother Muse Beata 
Photography Inga Avedyan
Location Nomade

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