Muse Review, Boyish Jeans


International Women’s Day is a celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity! While women have spent decades if not longer battling the narrow definition of what is “expected” of them, the clothes they wore helped make their intentions known. What causes society to stress isn’t different hemlines, but rather women defining for themselves what it means to be a woman. 


Therefore the power of dressing was an important tool that influenced their stance in society, helping us towards less oppressive gender norms. And that is why we are excited to share Boyish a women’s denim line focused on bending these norms with cruelty-free, ethically made and sustainable denim! 

Did you know that jeans use up to 1,800 gallons of water to make one pair. Thats about 500 billion gallons of water just for the jeans sold in the USA every year. Boyish jeans use 1/3 the amount of water of regular denim and recycle all water so no water is polluted in a process.


We are wearing their 80’s inspired denim jumpsuit an ode to women dipping their toes in the world of androgynous fashion. The 80’s was a reflection of women’s strength, empowerment in a male-dominated world of business. Mother Muse is a business run by a mother devoted to mothers, Boyish is a denim line driven by women to impact the way fashion impacts our planet. I am proud to be a woman, a mother, I am proud to celebrate us and let’s continue to raise our future to love each other equally.  


About Boyish

Boyish focuses on quality, fit and authentic washes to create styles that remind you of your favorite pair of vintage jeans with an updated fresh and modern design. Designed in Los Angeles, Boyish uses ethical and sustainable practices when developing and manufacturing its product. The jeans are produced with sustainable fabrics through an environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free process. The only impact we’ll leave on the planet is good jeans.

We partner with 1% For The Planet, a non-profit organization that connects businesses and individuals passionate about making a difference together into a global network to maximize impact, to give at least 1% of our annual profits to organizations that share our core values of sustainability and equality.

We use fabrics that do not require extra amounts of dips (the amount of times the yarn gets dyed in the indigo). This means less energy and water are used. Fewer dips also mean that in the laundry process of making our garments vintage looking, that we don’t have to wash down as much, which results in using less water and energy.


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