Zero Waste Challenge, Review

When I found this challenge I knew it was the right time to start as I’ve been craving a change for a while but wasn’t sure where and how to begin. See, I’m a new mom to my dear daughter Amelie and since she was born so many things have changed, but mainly I’ve changed a lot.

Inga and her daughter Amelie

I find peace and fullfilness in very simple things now like my family, nature and relationships… I want my daughter to have a bright future, I want my family and nature to flourish. There is no need to wait for the world to change I would rather start with myself.

And so I did. Slowly, day by day, I started to get rid of the unwanted stuff that didn’t have much value for me. All the plastic that cluttered didn’t make me happy anymore, I was craving for long lasting meaningful pieces. 

I realized that I remember this lifestyle so well myself. My grandma used to have reusable shopping bags, cloth napkins, soap bars and lots more. It was so common back then. 

We crave for bigger places, better life when we drown ourselves in the amount of plastic surrounding us. We get use to consumerism, but not giving back so often. It is time we give back to our planet!

Inga and her daughter Amelie

Human nature is meant to adapt, it is surprising how easily we can accept changes, the only thing that stops us from it is our comfort.

It is beneficial for people to get out of their comfort zone from time to time, by doing this challenge you aren’t only helping the planet, but you stimulate yourself for new endeavours. 

I’m a big believer in a subtle change, the more steadily we are doing something the more long lasting results will be. What do I mean by that for the challenge?

There were days in the zero waste challenge I had to switch to reusable things like coffee mugs or towels. I would finish the paper towels I already had so I wouldn’t cause more waste by throwing them out. As for the mug I didn’t want to buy any mug I just saw, I wanted to find a special one that I’ll use for a long time with pleasure and won’t have to change to a new one again soon.

Inga and her daughter Amelie

When doing this challenge be mindful of all the changes. Take one step at the time, you can spread the whole 30 days challenge into a one year life makeover. This way you’ll feel more comfortable and ready. 

As for me, this is definitely a huge step towards a better relationships with nature, my family and myself. I really hope you will do it too!

Mother Muse Inga Avedyan
Clothing Zulu & Zephyr
Challenge Mother Muse

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