Insideout Family


Recently, my family and I celebrated the big milestone of our son turning one.

First birthdays are very special for the parents it’s like a high-five you made it out in one piece (for now, haha). I wanted to plan something special for our little Oliver to celebrate this victory!

I am a mother of two and for my daughters first birthday I celebrated it at home with our family. Motherhood was still so new for me and a lot of my friends didn’t have little ones yet. I felt throwing a party would be a little silly (at the time) if Adaline did not have baby friends to enjoy it with.

This time around things have changed my friends have little ones close in age. I learned to put myself out there and make new friendships with other parents and I wanted us to celebrate all together which meant throw a small party!

I wanted to find a place where this could work. My husband and I live in a small city condo where it’s difficult to even host big dinners. So having it at home was definitely not our first choice.


I was researching play centres but definitely could not budget booking an entire play centre…And then this cool new local spot came to mind Insideout Family.

Insideout Family is a Co-working space for parents and while parents work their little ones are supervised by teachers in which they can learn, sing and play. The space itself was incredibly unique with a large harvest table, kid friendly restrooms, the entire location was bright and clean with a safe play zone for both toddlers and babies to enjoy themselves safely.

When I learned Insideout Family allows for rented family events, I jumped for joy.

The experience was so great. When we arrived they had a teacher on staff to help us during the moments when our attention was directed to setting up the food, decorations and greeting guests. My daughter Adaline really took well to their staffed teacher and was having an incredible time learning and socializing about colours, shapes and animals. The younger ones loved all the sensory play toys and learning stations!

It was a location that had no feeling of stress and made life easy for us on this special day for Oliver. I definitely want to come back neither of my little ones are in daycare it’s great to know programs like this exist where I can work and my children can learn and play!

Have peek into Insideout Family & Oliver’s special day



IMG_6017  IMG_6067



Learn more about Insideout Family




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