Christmas 1991

Christmas 1991

The holiday season is here! It’s my sons first Christmas and my daughter is now at the age where the magic of Santa truly begins. We headed up to Whistler (a.k.a The North Pole) for a day in the snow. I feel like the holidays have come and gone this year and I really wanted to create some memories with the kids before it fully slips away. A few months ago my husband and I got a day to ourselves baby free (incredibly rare) and did some vintage shopping and I found this 80s ski suit that I could not say no to from F As In Frank…so even more the reason to find some snow!

I also will be adding a home video series to Mother Muse to connect more with you and welcome you into my life. It’s incredibly fun making videos with my husband so I hope you can enjoy the process with us.

Happy Holidays and lots of love,

Shereen, Editor

AfterlightImage (3) copy

Processed with RNI Films. Preset 'Agfacolor 40's Warm'

AfterlightImage (2)


Beauty by Miel Enage

Video and photo footage by my husband Jamie Jupp

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