Brand Muse: Dear Loves Co

My name is Julie, creator of DearLovesCo. We are based out of the Vancouver area in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I hope you enjoy our shop and find some sweet little gems for you or someone you know who would love them.

In those early days of being a new mom, the last thing I was thinking about was accessorizing. I loved the idea of finding simple things that I wouldn’t have to think much about but were still pretty, elegant and easy to use throughout my day. I remember always having an elastic band around my wrist while nursing my son and thought it was about time I create something pretty and practical.

I decided to design a minimalist bracelet made with thin elastic cord for easy swapping without a clasp a sweet and simple bracelet you can wear with just about anything. Made with either sterling silver, 24K gold-plated, 14K or 18K gold-filled, or brass, a thin elastic cord, and two small beads for extra class, our bracelet is both elegant and easy to take on and off.

We take pride in creating jewelry that is designed for your journey in any stage of life but in particular the mom stage. The time of your life you may not always have time to think about fancy jewelry or even what side you nursed on last. We also provide a keepsake linen bag to store and keep your bracelet for years to come to commemorate this precious time. We include a keepsake bag in every purchase, as well as tips as to how to care for your jewelry.

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