Hello – my name is Shereen and I am the editor of Mother Muse.

Mother Muse is my passion project coming from the modelling & fashion industry I could not find one magazine dedicated to mothers that focused on a high-end fashion & lifestyle approach. I wanted a magazine that didn’t focus on what breast pump I needed or the top strollers on the market… I found that so many “mother” magazines claimed to focus on the mother but, at the end of the day they focused on the material you needed for your baby and I didn’t feel inspired. Becoming a mother is such a beautiful and emotional journey and I wanted to see that celebrated in a magazine through artwork, photography and written work so thus – Mother Muse was born.

My daughter Adaline Rose is my biggest inspiration as my daughter grows I hope Mother Muse grows with us and just like her I hope the magazine becomes stronger and more powerful. I hope to continue to inspire all of you and connect with each and every one of you – because you all are part of the collective force that is Mother Muse.


Shereen x


Photography Flavelle & Co  Styling Plaid & Paisley Littles  Styling Yoli & Otis Drifter The Brand Surrender The Label

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  1. From mother to mother, This is an amazing journey. Can’t wait to see all the wonderful things to come. ❤


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